April 03, 2019

Crystals In The Home

By Maryanne Priestley
Crystals In The Home

Our homes are our safe place, our haven, to recharge and reconnect. They are filled with the things we love, our interests, our personalities and of course our energy.

Crystals have become hugely popular within the home, whether you have crystals for their metaphysical healing properties or purely for decoration chances are either you have crystals or someone you know has them within the home.

In this blog we're going to explore different crystals and the best places to have them around the home, not just for their beauty but also their healing properties.

Shungite - This stone is best placed on your desk or near electronics. It helps shield electromagnetic fields (EMF's). 
Pyrite - Opportunity, confidence and helps bring an abundance of ideas. It is also said to help generate wealth.
Citrine - The crystal of abundance and wealth. Also good for purification, and binging healthy positive energy into your life. Citrine will also help give you confidence and power, bring inspiration and help clear fatigue.

Rose Quartz - The stone love and happiness. Rose Quartz attracts love, comfort, relieves grief. It is soothing and brings harmony.
Amethyst - Powerful overall healing crystal. Amethyst also aids intuition and can also be used to cleanse the aura. Amethyst helps you think straight and also helps those who wish to be more spiritual. 
Selenite - Works to purify and cleanse your aura. Allows you to move forward in strength and connects to your higher self. Selenite also cleanses other crystals, assists to open your crown chakra and also helps you to connect with your spirit guides. Selenite is a beautiful stone to have when meditating. 

Children's Room
Celestite - Aids in communication and bringing peace. Celestite is a gentle stone that also aids spiritual awareness.
Agate - Good for grounding and focus. Also helps with strength and removing fear, thus helping with confidence. A beautiful protective stone. 
Smokey Quartz - Your personal space shield, helps keep you grounded, protected and focused. Smokey Quartz is a good crystal to have around if you struggle with anxiety and depression, stopping toxic energy from overpowering you.

Carnelian - Inspires courage, clear thinking and decision making and is also said to prevent others from jealousy.
Rose Quartz (See above)
Clear Quartz - Amplifies, charges and purifies your energy. Think of Clear Quartz as your personal battery charger.
Amethyst (See above)

Living Room

Selenite: (See Above)
Apophyllite - Brings positivity and uplifting vibes. 

Clear Quartz: (See Above)
Rose Quartz: (See Above)

Front Door
Black Tourmaline - Your energy shield. Used for protection and strengthening your aura. Also a powerful grounding stone.

Green Aventurine - The luckiest of all crystals. Its said that if you keep one in a green bag with a four leaf clover, will bring you good luck! It is also said that if you place 3 Green Aventurine crystals in a dish in front of a garden gnome in your front garden, to attract good luck to your home. It is also good for prosperity and abundance.

I hope this has helped with ideas on places to keep certain crystals around the home. This list is by no means definitive, obviously use your intuition and guidance and place them where you feel the energy to be best serving.

Remember! Don't forget to cleanse your crystals regularly and and program them to make the most of their healing properties.