February 04, 2019

New Moon In Aquarius - February 5th 2019

By Maryanne Priestley
New Moon In Aquarius - February 5th 2019

"The Water Bearer" = Aquarius
Wash away the past to welcome a new start.

This New Moon is a time to cut cords with anything or anyone that you know is holding you back. Stop settling and start thriving! Make those bold new decisions, this will lead to a new start.

This New Moon will also bring light to relationships or situations in our lives that are out of balance. Recognise your worth and walk away from whats not serving your higher good. Walk away from the chaos, disloyalty and inequality.

New Moon Ritual

We like to create a little ritual during a New Moon to welcome in the new and release the old.

Create a sacred space.
This can be outside in the moonlight or somewhere at home that is special for you.
Surround yourself with candles, crystals (Lapis Lazuli is a good one for this moon), flowers, pictures , oracle cards or anything else that resonates with you.

Light Sage or incense. You could also diffuse oils that resonate with how you are feeling. You could also take a bath filled with dried flowers and herbs.

Set your Intentions.
Think about what you would like for this new cycle. Plan it, visualise it, dream it.
You may like to make a mood board to help you visualise.

Let go.
Visualise what doesn't serve you. Write it down, burn it in the Sage or your candle. Imagine it disappearing. Forgive and show gratitude for the lessons learnt.
Return the ashes to the Earth.

These are the things we like to do during a New Moon. We hope you enjoy, take time to be alone and manifest!

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