February 22, 2019

Programming Crystals

By Maryanne Priestley
Programming Crystals

Now you have chosen your crystals, you have cleansed them, it's now time to program them.

This is the third instalment in our series about what to do with your crystals. You can find the first instalment, Choosing Crystals here and second instalment Cleansing Crystals here. If you haven't read them, I highly recommend as it will set the foundation for a healthy relationship with your crystals.

All crystals have general healing properties, so when programming your crystal, we are essentially reaffirming our intentions, manifestations and being specific with how we would like the crystal to help or heal us. It's important when programming your crystal that you use a crystal that has the properties you are manifesting. For example you would not use Black Tourmaline if you are manifesting love and healing, you would choose a crystal like Rose Quartz for this purpose, likewise if you are looking for protection against negative energy, you wouldn't choose Rose Quartz, you would choose Black Tourmaline.

Programming your crystals can be done by someone else, for example, when you purchase a crystal from Earths Geode, before the babe leaves for its new home, it gets cleansed and healing intentions are set for the crystal based on its natural healing properties. This works well, but the crystal and its intentions and healing will always be more powerful when the intention is set by yourself, the owner of the crystal.

To start the programming process you must tune into the crystal's energy.
Hold the crystal in your hands and meditate for a few minuets.
If you find meditating difficult, hold the crystal in your hands, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, in and out, let go and just breath. You will be able to pick up on a subtle energy around you, this is from the crystal you are holding.
Once you have tuned into the energy, set your intention and align it with the crystal. By doing this you are resonating with the high vibration of the crystal, and this helps alignment with the universe.

This next step is something I like to do when programming my personal crystals. It resonates with me and perhaps may resonate with you too.

After you have tuned into your crystals energy and set your intention for the crystal, I like to write this intention down on a piece of paper and place the crystal on top of it. This is so that it continues to generate the intention even when you are not around. Think of it as supercharging your intention.

Once you set your intentions its really important to show gratitude. 
- gratitude to the universe
- gratitude for the knowledge
- gratitude for the healing tools
- gratitude for the aligning energy
- gratitude that your intentions are coming to fruition
To show gratitude, place the crystal on your heart, show thanks and feel the energy. Take a few deep breaths and you're done.

Place your crystal somewhere you will see it, feel it and remind you of the intentions you have set.

Happy manifesting!