February 19, 2019

Virgo Full Moon - 19/20th February 2019

By Maryanne Priestley
Virgo Full Moon - 19/20th February 2019

This Super Full Moon hits Australia on the 20th February 2019 at almost 3am. This is the second Super Full Moon in a row for 2019, we can expect another in March and that's all the Super Moons for 2019, a hat trick of Super Moons.

A Full Moon is when the moon is at its brightest, its entire face is illuminated by the Sun's rays in exact alignment. When its a Super moon, the moon appears larger than normal as it is nearer to the Earth in its orbit.

The Full Moon energy shifts us from old paths of being critical of ourselves, constantly needing to prove our worth and unrealistic expectations, moving us to heal old wounds, love and accept who we are.

It is a time to prioritise our self care.

Full Moons are for purging and releasing old habits and things that no longer serve our higher good. A time to set new intentions and put the wheels in motion to the universe for the things our heart desires.

Full Moon Ritual

A Full Moon ritual is a great way to send out the old in bring in the new.
We like to create a little ritual each Full Moon to acknowledge the old, release and welcome the the new.

Find a comfortable space in the direct moonlight. Take a moment to be still, take a few deep breaths. I like to imagine roots extending from the bottom of me feet, "growing" into the Earth, anchoring me, grounding me.
I like to create a sacred space, surround myself with candles and crystals, much like the New Moon. This moon, Lapis Lazuli, Chryscolla and Labradorite are our preference to use through this cycle. I also use the Full Moon to cleanse and charge my Moonology oracle deck. I also have a large jar of water close by, I leave this jar out, for the moon to infuse the water with all its beautiful energy. I then use this water to either give some beautiful moon energy to my indoor plants or make a refreshing moon charged mist for the home.

Light Sage or incense. You can use diffuse oils that resonate with how you are feeling, or take a bath filled with dried flowers and herbs.

Set your Intentions.
Think about what you would like for this new cycle. Plan it, visualise it, dream it.
You may like to make a mood board to help you visualise.

Let go.
Visualise what doesn't serve you. Write it down, burn it in the Sage or your candle. Imagine it disappearing. Forgive and show gratitude for the lessons learnt.
Return the ashes to the Earth.

This is our moon ritual, there is by no means a right or wrong way, this is just our way. Once you do this a few times, you will find things that resonate with you, do them, make it your own. This is a special and sacred time. Relax, show gratitude and manifest!