Black Agate
- Connects the spiritual and physical bodies
together to ground one in reality.

- Helps one get in touch with their inner self
 and promotes deep self-reflection, making it
 effective for shadow work.

- Transmutes dark emotions such as jealousy,
 resentment, and anger into positive emotions
 such as love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

- Believed to bring prosperity, security, and
 good health into one's life. 

Chakra: Root 

Element: Earth 

Zodiac: Gemini 

Affirmation: "I release all attachments and
 behaviours that no longer serve me."

Black Amethyst
- A darker natural version of Amethyst due to its inclusions of Hematite and high iron content found inside its crystalline matrix.
- Forms a shield around the aura, guarding one from negative energy and psychic attacks.
- Greatly enhances clairvoyant abilities and helps facilitate a strong connection with the Divine Source.
- Believed to be the most effective stone to relieve the pain of migraine headaches.
Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Root
Element: Air
Zodiacs: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo
Affirmation: "My mind, body, and spirit are Divinely protected."

Black Kyanite
- Reveals undiscovered talents and clears the way towards one's destined path.
- A powerful tool for self-discovery, helping one search deep within themselves to understand their truest hopes and dreams.
- Enhances empathy and helps one experience a deeper understanding of other people's feelings and emotions.
- Brings clarity and awareness by opening the mind to receiving Divine messages.
Chakras: All
Element: All
Zodiacs: Aries, Libra, Pisces
Affirmation: "I am in alignment with my Divine purpose."

Black Moonstone
- A stone of new beginnings that carries the energy of the New Moon.
- Enhances intuition and inner knowing, and helps one connect with their feelings and emotions on a deeper level.
- Recommended to be worked with during a New Moon period when setting new
- Effective for new mothers, as it brings out nurturing, feminine energy.
Chakras: Crown, Third Eye
Element: Air
Zodiacs: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio
Affirmation: "I am open and ready for new beginnings in my life."

Black Obsidian
- Forms a shield around one's aura, protecting one from negative energy and psychic attacks.
- Strong healing energy that aids the release of addictive and compulsive behaviours, eating disorders, and emotional blockages.
- A powerful protection stone that enhances self-discipline and determination, and brings great mental strength.
- Helps clear negative energy from one's auric field and surrounding environment.
Chakra: Root
Element: Air
Zodiacs: Scorpio, Sagittarius
Affirmation: "I gently release negative energy within and around me."

Black Onyx
- A powerful protection stone that works to absorb negative energy.
- Heals past pain and resentment, and gives one the courage to start a new journey.
- Acts as a gentle companion during times of emotional stress, grief, or trauma.
- Enhances self-discipline and encourages one to take action to achieve their goals.
- Helps one make wise decisions and opens the mind to new opportunities.
Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Leo
Affirmation: "I am focused, grounded, and can do anything I set my mind to."

Black Tourmaline
- Protects against psychic attacks, spells, evil spirits, and negative energies of all kinds.
- Recommended to be worn by anyone living or working in uncomfortable and negative environments.
- Eliminates negative thought patterns, giving one the strength to embrace who they are and speak their truth.
- Very effective grounding stone, helping one feel safe, secure, and purposeful.
Chakra: Root
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Capricorn
Affirmation: "I release all negativity and feel safe, secure, and protected at all times."

- One of the most powerful physical and emotional healing stones available.
- Believed to be very effective in treating disorders of the blood, healing muscle injuries, lowering blood pressure, and providing pain relief.
- Radiates a warm and comforting energy, and imparts resilience and strength.
- Draws energy through the root chakra, giving one a sense of renewed vitality.
Chakra: Root
Element: Earth
Zodiacs: Aries, Libra, Pisces
Affirmation: "My mind, body, and spirit are capable of healing."

Blue Agate
- A calming stone that lifts one's spirit with its positive and supportive vibrations.
- Encourages quiet contemplation and assimilation of life experiences, leading to spiritual growth and inner peace.
- Deeply stimulates the throat chakra, promoting clear and calm communication of one's thoughts and feelings with others.
- Gently facilitates self-acceptance and builds confidence.
Chakra: Throat
Element: Water
Zodiac: Pisces
Affirmation: "I am at peace with myself and the world around me."

Blue Aragonite
- A calming stone that lifts one's spirit with its positive and supportive vibrations.
- Encourages quiet contemplation and assimilation of life experiences, leading to spiritual growth and inner peace.
- Deeply stimulates the throat chakra, promoting clear and calm communication of one's thoughts and feelings with others.
- Gently facilitates self-acceptance and builds confidence.
Chakras: Throat, Third Eye, Heart
Elements: Air, Water
Zodiac: Pisces
Affirmation: "Inspiration flows to me easily and effortlessly."

Blue Aventurine
- A stone of inner strength and self-discipline.
- Can be very beneficial in helping one overcome self-sabotaging behaviours and
negative habits that do not serve one's highest good.
- Working consistently with Blue Aventurine is said to aid one in tapping into their psychic and intuitive abilities.
- Physically, it is effective in balancing hormones and healing the respiratory system.
Chakra: Third Eye
Elements: Air, Water
Zodiac: Aries
Affirmation: "I have the power to create positive change in my life."

Blue Calcite
- Forms a protective shield around one's aura and softens the impact of psychic stimuli.
- Excellent stone for empaths as it allows those who are sensitive to the energies of others to not feel so overwhelmed.
- Beneficial for anyone suffering with depression, anxiety, or grief due to its calming, healing, and comforting effect.
- Enhances the vividness of dreams and improves one's ability to interpret them.
Chakras: Third Eye, Throat
Elements: Air, Fire
Zodiac: Cancer
Affirmation: "I do not allow outside influences to disturb my inner peace."

Blue Chalcedony
- Greatly enhances communication with the invisible realms and stimulates telepathy.
- Gives one the courage to speak from the heart and communicate their true feelings and thoughts with others.
- An excellent stone for public speaking as it promotes calm expression of one's thoughts.
- Physically, it is believed to improve the immune system, heal the lungs, and lower blood pressure.
Chakras: Throat, Third Eye
Element: Water
Zodiac: Aries
Affirmation: "I express myself clearly, calmly, and authentically."

Blue Kyanite
- Has a very strong vibration and removes blockages from one's auric field.
- A great stone for healers as it places a protective shield around the healer and grounds spiritual energy.
- As it does not absorb negativity, it is one of the very few stones that does not require cleansing.
- Very effective for aligning and restoring the energy balance in all the chakras.
Chakras: Third Eye, Throat
Element: All
Zodiacs: Gemini, Pisces
Affirmation: "I am open to receiving Divine guidance from my spirit guides."

Blue Lace Agate
- Aids in the verbal expression of thoughts and feelings, helping one express themselves.
- Allows one to speak clearly and calmly, and not concern themselves with the opinions of others.
- Works at a slow and steady pace, making it a beneficial stone to work with over a long period of time.
- Relieves insomnia, calms an overactive mind, and soothes tension headaches.
Chakra: Throat
Element: Water
Zodiacs: Gemini, Pisces
Affirmation: "I express my thoughts authentically and with clarity."

Blue Onyx
- Brings balance to the body, mind, and spirit, and helps one focus their attention.
- Imparts strength and courage, and is recommended for anyone who is under constant physical or emotional stress.
- Improves self-confidence, motivation, and persistence, and aids one in eliminating distractions and bad habits.
- Alleviates feelings of self-doubt that can hold one back from pursuing their dreams.
Chakras: Third Eye, Throat
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Leo
Affirmation: "I greet each day with strength and courage."

Blue Opal
- A stone of communication, allowing one to speak their mind without fear.
- Radiates a soothing and calming energy that helps eliminate tension from the body.
- Enhances mental clarity and harmonises both hemispheres of the brain.
- Improves self-confidence and helps one attract like-minded people into their life.
- Promotes open-mindedness as it stimulates logic and expands consciousness.
Chakras: Third Eye, Throat
Element: Water
Zodiacs: Pisces, Cancer
Affirmation: "My mind is calm and filled with peaceful thoughts."

Blue Quartz
- Beneficial for those who experience high levels of anxiety due to its soothing vibration that eliminates fear and negative thoughts.
- Enhances mental clarity, self-discipline, and organisational abilities due to its balancing effect on the lower (physical energy) and higher (mental and spiritual energy) chakras.
- Improves one's ability to connect with others, as well as with their higher self, angels, and spirit guides.
Chakras: Third Eye, Throat
Elements: Air, Water
Zodiacs: Aquarius, Pisces
Affirmation: "My mind is clear, organised, and filled with positive thoughts."

Blue Tiger's Eye
- A very protective stone that has long been used to ward off spells and the evil eye.
- Has a gentle vibration that stabilises one's emotions and is believed to be helpful in soothing symptoms of anxiety and phobias.
- Beneficial for those who are quick tempered, helping them keep their emotions under control and remain calm under stress.
- Believed to be one of the most effective stones to ease one's fear of flying.
Chakras: Throat, Third Eye
Element: Air
Zodiac: Capricorn
Affirmation: "I am Divinely guided and protected everywhere I go."

Botswana Agate
- Has a high vibrational healing energy and is helpful during times of transition.
- Believed to be one of the most effective stones to assist those who are on a journey to overcoming self-sabotaging behaviour and
addictions, especially smoking.
- Gentle companion for anyone dealing with heartache, loneliness, or grief.
- One may experience a sudden spiritual awakening when working with this stone.
Chakras: Crown, Third Eye
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Scorpio
Affirmation: "I release all thoughts, habits, and behaviours that no longer serve me."

Bumblebee Jasper
- Enhances creativity and self-confidence, and encourages one to chase after their dreams.
- Enables one to make decisions from a place of reason and not be influenced by their emotions.
- The combination of passion and creative energy can result in a major life shift and personal transformation.
- Recommended to be worn by those who are closing a chapter in life and starting anew.
Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus
Element: Fire
Zodiacs: Taurus, Leo
Affirmation: "I am ready to manifest my greatest desires in life.