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Amazonite & Smokey Quartz with Mica Roughs

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Amazonite empowers one to express thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement. It enables one to establish a healthy sense of self worth reduces tendencies of self neglect, particularly for women.
Amazonite enhances communication and gives one the courage to set clear firm boundaries with others. It has a deeply calming effect on the mind, making it excellent for meditation.

Affirm: "I am aligned with my highest truth and speak with courage"

Did you know that Smoky Quartz is the most powerful grounding stones available due to its deep connection to the earth?
It encourages one to focus on solutions to problems rather than dwell.
It clears away negative thoughts and feeling of helplessness, making it effective for anyone suffering from anxiety and depression.
Smoky Quartz is said to help relive chronic pain, migraines and tension in the shoulders and back

Affirm: “My spirit is deeply grounded and centered in the present moment”

All pieces are natural colour and have been clear coated in polish to avoid mica falling off. This does not effect the energetic properties of the stone.

Your piece will be intuitively chosen as all pieces are roughly similar size.