Earths Geode

Energy Clearing Mist

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Cleansing Smoke has been used for many generations as a way to cleanse and purify negative and stagnant energy.

Sometimes burning herbs or incense for cleansing and clearing is not always possible for whatever reason, this is where our Cleansing Spray works perfectly to cleanse and purify the energy.
Our smokeless cleansing spray can be used to cleanse your space, your self/aura and even your crystals.

Each ingredient and Essential Oil has been intuitively added for a specific purpose.
Sage - Cleansing and 
Cedarwood - Grounding
Frankinsence - Protection
Lemon - Brighten and uplifting
Clear quartz has also been added and programmed to amplify the intentions and healing benefits of the smokeless cleanse spray.

Size: 100ml