Earths Geode

Mixed Mini Points Set

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This set contains 4 high grade points, perfect to be used in Jewellery, Macrame, Botanical Smudge Sticks or just to add to your collection.

Set contains Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Obsidian and Chevron Amethyst

Each point is approx: 5cm tall

Amethyst is one of the most powerful healing crystals assisting with peace, healing, balance, intuition and protection. Amethyst has a high vibration and is also good to use during meditation to enhance spiritual awareness and promoting a calm mind.

Clear Quartz is renowned as the most powerful energy amplifier, it is THE MASTER HEALER, a very hi vibration crystal. It is also the most versatile crystal and can be used for almost any application. 

Rose Quartz is the stone love and happiness. Rose Quartz attracts love, comfort, relieves grief. It is soothing and brings harmony. Rose Quartz is a great crystal to have bedside, not only for adults but also children, assists with nightmares, night terrors and those afraid of the dark. It promotes beautiful dreams.

Obsidian for when you need protection and strength. Obsidian creates a shield to protect against negative energy, while cleansing and purifying the energy. Obsidian is also very grounding.