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Rainbow Fluorite Pop Socket

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Level up your selfie game or give phone some hi vibing energy from crystals with our Rainbow Fluorite pop sockets; and why not, we spend most of the day with our phones in our hands.

Our crystal pop sockets come ready to use, 3M backing tape applied. All you need to do is peel and stick!

Fluorite enhances mental clarity, and helps you to ground your thoughts. It is the ideal stone to help overcome procrastination and disorganisation, helping give you the motivation to complete tasks that you keep putting off.

Fluorite increases self discipline and will power and encourages structure and routine in your daily life.
Fluorite can also help you to retain information quickly and efficiently, it can also help to improve memory - a great companion for your office or study.

Affirm: "I am organised and disciplined in all areas of my life"