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Rhodochrosite with Hematite and Pyrite Point

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Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone for emotional healing. It encourages personal growth and clears negativity. It allows you to confront your fears, negative patterns and or people in your life. 
Rhodochrosite is a rarer stone.

Hematite is a protective balancing stone. It is very grounding, bringing harmony to the mind, body and spirit. It also enhances courage and will power. A great stone for those that lack confidence.

Pyrite is a strong stone, filled with powerful vibrations of strength and happiness. It is a strong manifesting stone, said to bring abundance and prosperity into all areas of your life. It is also a powerful stone for protection, guarding against negative energies.

The combination of stones in these points give these very powerful energetic vibrations.

170g 10.5cm