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Selenite Lamp

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Selenite: Works to purify and cleanse your aura. Allows you to move forward in strength and connects to your higher self.
Selenite also cleanses and charges other crystals, assists to open your crown chakra and also helps you to connect with your spirit guides. Selenite is a beautiful stone to have when meditating.

Selenite is thought to be an excellent stone of clarity and provides assistance in vision and insight due to its ability to clear the mind and one’s surroundings. Excellent stone for use in protection grids, Selenite is great in enhancing the properties of other stones, as well as clearing and charging them. It dispels negative energy and removes energy blocks, making it the perfect protection stone.

Large -  2-3kg 30cm (1st Picture) 

Extra Large - 4-5kg 35-40cm (15-20cm taller than the one in the photo, 2nd Picture)