About Us

anima [ ănə-mə ]


The inner self of an individual; the soul.

Someone once said “seek what sets your soul on fire” - this is how Anima Collective was born.

Anima Collective embodies all that’s in my soul, the things that light my fire, a collective of ethically sourced, thoughtfully and intuitively chosen pieces I love; pieces with hi vibes, for the intent of health and wellness, helping you to elevate and level up!

My name is Maryanne and I’ll admit I’m a crystal addict! Crystals have been a part of my life since I was a young teen, they have always sparked my interest, always been there for me. They’re not just pretty pieces, their energetic vibrations can aid in pursuit of health, happiness and harmony in your everyday life. Whether it’s a Rose Quartz to summon love from all around, or a piece of Black Tourmaline to protect and support you on a difficult day, or a Moss Agate to promote new beginnings, the possibilities in the earth abound.

Anima Collective is not only a guardian; it's a medium for crystals to find their owners and for owners to connect to the stones that call to them; it is a place for energetic healing. With handcrafted cleansing tools to help release energetic blocks, Anima Collective has the tools you need for your holistic wellness journey.

While on my holistic wellness journey, I discovered the benefits of meditation, not only on the mind, but also the body and soul - leading me to complete studies and become and Internationally accredited in MEDITATION TEACHING & HOLISTIC HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, HOLISTIC COUNSELLING and HOLISTIC LIFE COACH, also furthering studies and completing my diploma of CRYSTAL HEALING.

My vision within this space, is to provide a safe haven for healing, a place to ask questions, to learn and to grow.