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The Green Apothecary Herbs & Botanicals

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Each pack contains 20g of dried herb or botanical.

These are perfect to use in witchy spells and magick. Use them to dress candles, add to spell jars, blend your own loose incense or even brew in teas.

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Agrimony - Protection & Peace
Use under your pillow to ward off nightmares and spirits. Agrimony can also be buried at the boundaries of your home, in the gardens to offer long term protection  from evil spirits. Sprinkling Agrimony in a line at your front door when guests come, protects from any negative spirits that have latched onto your guests, leaving them outside. Burning Agrimony moves bad vibes out of the home.

Angelica - Protection, Healing & Energy Clearing (DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT)
Angelica is a powerful protectant. Carry and use as a protective amulet, bath in water sprinkled with Angelica to help dispel negative energies. Used to remove evil eye.

Blue Cornflower - Psychic Ability, Protection, Happiness & Love
Sprinkle Blue Cornflower on your altar to enhance psychic ability. You can also drink Cornflower tea for enhance psychic abilities or to enhance fertility.
Blue Cornflower stimulates your third eye.

Calendula - Happiness, Love and opening the door between realms
Also known as Marigold.
Calendula can foster communication with those who have passed. Adding Calendula to your bath will help with good dreams.

Chamomile - Peace, Love, Abundance, self-Love & Healing
Used in tea for its gentle soothing benefits, bringing a sense of peace, helping to release and purify ourselves. Taking a bath with Chamomile will invite love into your life. Chamomile is great for those struggling with stress and anxiety.

Cinnamon - Success, Love, Abundance, Spiritual Development
Cinnamon is a powerfully energising plant. Adding Cinnamon to your spells will amplify the vibrations of other ingredients. Cinnamon is often referred to as the spice of love, and is commonly used in love spells. Anointing candles with Cinnamon is a powerful addition for success and money spells. Burning Cinnamon will help raise spiritual vibration.

Cloves - Abundance, New Beginnings, Protection & Love
Cloves is commonly used in love spells as it is known to increase libido. Cloves pressed into a candle can invite new love or strengthen love that is already present. Clove is also very protective, place over your doors to to keep ill will out. Good for protecting against evil eye, use cloves and salt in protection spells as a barrier between you and negative entities.

Comfrey - Abundance and protection against thieves
Comfrey is a powerful protector, keep in your car to prevent it being stolen, also good to keep a little in your bag or purse to promote abundance of money.

Eucalyptus - Creativity, Clarity, Energy Clearing and Healing
Burning Eucalyptus invites creativity cleanses negativity. Use to dress candles and in meditation for healing. Sprinkle on your altar to vibrate positive energy that is great to work with in healing spells, creativity and guarding against evil eye.

Hibiscus - Love, Peace and Healing
Hibiscus often used in Ayurvedic teas. It has an affinity for love and passion. L:inked to the Sacral Chakra to help rediscover your zest for life. Working with Hibiscus promotes intimate love.

Hydrangea - Healing
Hydrangea carries the message of forgiveness. If you're having trouble forgiving trauma, invite hydrangea into your dreams for a gentle loving release. Use in spells to help increase compassion and forgiveness.

Jasmine -  Love, Creativity  and Feminine Energy
Jasmine tea can improve your mood and also bring relaxation and heightened sexual desire. If your working fertility magick, Jasmine will amplify your spell work, especially birthing new ideas, projects, wealth and pregnancy. Use in a bath to connect to heart space energy. Placing Jasmine in your bedroom is a great way to increase romantic energy.

Lavender -  Peace, Healing, Intuition and Awareness
Lavender is the most soothing of all herbs, it can calm anxiety and invite restful sleep when placed under the pillow.Work with Lavender in spells for self love and healing. Placing Lavender in a glass of cold water next to your bed is thought to create peace and protection from night spirits.

Peppermint - Opens the doors between realms and Psychic ability
Brew in tea, it can help alleviate upset stomaches. Mint strengthens psychic abilities and divination. Helps to communicate with the divine and with your higher self. Mint is also a great protectant, not allowing ill sprit to come in contact when working with mint. 

Rose Buds/Petals - Protection, Love & Intuition
Roses are good to move stagnated energy and ease pain. Add to your bath to promote self love. Rose is good for protection magick and opening the third eye.

Rosemary - Memory and Protection
Can be used in food. Rosemary is one of the best protection herbs, used in spells for fighting evil spirits, burn to protect the home against negative energies. Used in defensive magick. Rosemary is also used for improving memory and remembrance of loved ones passed.

Tulsi (Sacred Basil) -  Protection, Abundance, Self love
Basil is good to use in a new home or for someone who just got a new job, as it invites wealth and prosperity. Basil is good to work with for self love, also good to anoint candles to bring in wealth and money. Tulsi (Holy Basil) is a powerful herb that can balance the chakras. It is also good to place in then corners of the home to keep evil out.

White Sage - Protection & Cleansing
White Sage dispels negative energy. It is also good for mental clarity. Burn to cleanse the air and ward off negative energy.