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Transformation & Growth Crystal Kit

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Its your time to level up!

Our Transformation & Growth Crystal Kit has been put together with lots of intention and good vibes to help you on your spiritual journey.

This set is perfect to use as part of your manifestation practice, on your altar and even in meditation.

Set includes:

- Moss Agate for new beginnings 
- Chrysocolla  for communication and inner truth
- Botswana Agate for change
- Labradorite for intuition and connection to higher self
- Smoky Quartz for transmuting negative energy into positive energy

- A preserved [ethically & responsibly sourced] butterfly wing by Attacus Frames.
Butterfly Spirit teaches us patience, reminding us to trust the process of change and transformation. Butterfly inspires us to use our imagination, spread our wings and embrace the possibility of what will come.

Photographed is an example of what you will receive. All crystals are different in shapes and sizes and various coloured butterfly wings have been chosen