Anima Collective

Wish Candles (singles)

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Individual wish (spell / chime) candles for use in ritual and spell work.
Unscented, all natural, and clean burning, no paraffin, gmo free, vegan friendly, renewable plant based wax
Fair Trade and Handmade 
Burn time: Approx: 1.5 hour burn time
Size: 1 cm (w) x 10 cm (h)

Yellow - Confidence, Optimism, Clarity, Happiness
Orange - Creativity, success, Determination, Justice
Pink - Romantic love, friendship, Affection, Caring, Femininity
Red - Courage, Passionate love, Physical attraction, Courage
Green - Abundance, Good luck, Fertility, Prosperity, Health
Purple - Spiritual Development, Psychic ability, Wealth, Devotion, Healing
Light Blue - Calming, Peace, Truth Seeking, Dispel Anger
Dark Blue - Communication, Spirituality & Intuition, Loyalty, Forgiveness
Black - Protection, Banishing, Against negativity
White - Hope, Cleansing, Purification, Faith